Friday, 10 August 2012

The Possibilities

Through some very unscientific choosing (the more outlandish suggestions are the result of blind finger-pointing, others because I want to do them) we have...dah dah daaaaahhhhh.....

The short-list:
  1. Noel/Jacob - finish the novel
  2. Lizzie - proofread her dissertation
  3. Dan/Isobel - do cheese-rolling
  4. Dan - pretend to be Mary Poppins all day then wander around London telling people you were in the London Olympic opening ceremony
  5. Jacob/Sarah S - learn to breakdance
  6. Jacob - stage or participate in a flashmob
  7. Sarah S/Harrison - read an ambitious book
  8. Sarah S - attempt to sneak backstage at a concert
  9. Sarah S - make a cookbook for family and friends
  10. Zanny/Rob - go to a rave
  11. Zanny/Rob - go camping
  12. Zanny - get someone famous to sign your body
  13. Zanny - set up a stall in a market for a weekend
  14. Sarah B - climb Mount Snowden
  15. Rachel O/Leo/Graham/Pat - come to the US (and eat cheesesteak)
  16. Rachel G/Dan - Mile-long outdoor swim
  17. Rachel G - run a 10k
  18. Laura S - go to a Tory Party function
  19. Laura S - start a niche dating website
  20. Laura S - learn to drive and pass the test
  21. Pat - do the run-and-chug
  22. Harrison - go around London and only converse with people in Urdu and hand gestures for a day. Pretend you don't speak British
  23. Harrison - read half of 50 Shades of Grey then report back
  24. Harrison - recreate a fun childhood photograph
  25. Harrison - create a 25-point visitors' guide to London with places that have some significance to you
  26. Harrison - bake 25 different cakes
  27. Harrison - be an honest-to-God hipster for a few days then write an article about your experience
  28. Graham - start playing the saxophone again
  29. Graham - introduce two people with the goal of, and succeeding at, starting a relationship
  30. Graham/Mum - try 25/26 new foods
  31. Graham - learn one awesome but completely useless talent
  32. Mum - enter a picture in the Summer Exhibition
  33. Dad - sample all the beers made in London.
And, if I start earning megabucks (hahahaha), then I have these places and people to visit in addition to going to NYC/Philly/DC: Italy (Chris), Malta (Alison), Canada (Adil) and Seattle (Isobel). Can't wait!

So now I just have to whittle away or combine the thirty-three into twenty-five, and then get cracking! This will be done by the end of today, as I'm off to Croatia tomorrow (not sure I can do any of the things on this list there, though).

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