Tuesday, 2 October 2012


One of the challenges that I am most excited about is drinking all the beers made in London.  Thanks to the lovely Phil Howes, I love a local ale, so I anticipate spending any hard-earned cash (no job as of yet, though) in old man pubs and hipster hang-outs in order to find yet another pint of something with a faintly amusing name.

However, my dad, the creator of this challenge, might have been a tad ambitious. A quick internet search (http://www.londonbrewers.org/) reveals at least 28 London breweries, stretched from Hackney to Kew. I'll be drinking as many of their products as possible, but I can't guarantee I'll be able to drink them all; I don't fancy putting "find a liver transplant" on my 26/26 list.

As I remember, I've already sampled beers from Camden Town Brewery, Fullers (London Pride, obviously), Redemption (brewed up the road in Tottenham) and Sambrooks. Now it's onto the next 24!