Friday, 10 August 2012

25 25 25 25 25!!!

Thanks for the cake, Mum.

I'm 25! And being 25 means the start of my 25/25 challenge. Twenty-four people made eighty-seven suggestions, which is exciting. Some suggestions are death-defying (bull-riding, spelunking, swimming the Channel), others almost certainly embarrassing (only speaking in Urdu, pretending to be Mary Poppins, singing a song on the London Eye), others heart-warming (everyone who said I should come visit them....awwww you guys). An excellent list has been made by all of you, and I really appreciate it.

Here's the long list:

  • finish our novel
  • Proofread her diss
  • Enter a conker competition
  • do cheese rolling
  • swim the english channel or other great feat
  • hitch hike to somewhere as far away as possible
  • learn to irish dance properly
  • pretend to be mary poppins all day then wonder around london telling people you were in the london olympic opening ceremony
  • Baotashi
  • Do the run-and-chug
  • Visit Canada
  • Come to Italy

  • ‎I've already mentioned learning to break dance, but to clarify, I'm serious about that one.
  • Write a novel/short story. (This can be traditional fiction, but erotic novels or various sorts of fan fiction are also allowed.)
  • Stage/participate in a flashmob.
  • Kayak on the Thames.
  • Choose a food you like, find 25 places that do it well, and visit them all in an epic day (or weekend). So for example, if you really like cookies, find 25 great cookie places and then go have 25 cookies.
  • Learn a new instrument
  • Eat strange foods you’ve never tried but that people swear by
  • Make a cookbook for family and friends
  • Read an ambitious book
  • Attempt to sneak backstage at a concert
  • Take an art/dance class
  • Visit every pub in London
  • Go to Italy
  • Go to a rave
  • Go sailing in the Solent
  • Tell everyone your name is Bobo for a full day
  • Go on the London Eye and start signing out loud at the top. You must complete a full song!
  • Ask someone to marry you!!
  • Busk - and gamble youre earnings!
  • Camp out under the stars
  • Go white water rafting
  • Bungee jump
  • Get someone famous to sign your body!
  • Swim the channel (without dying please)
  • Climb the tallest mountain in Britain in fancy dress
  • Audition for a screen play
  • Set up a stall in a market for one weekend
  • raving
  • camping
  • Three Peaks challenge
  • Climb Mount Snowden
  • Go fishing
  • go to Philly and eat cheesesteak
  • Come to Philly
  • Paragliding
  • Go Ape
  • Come to Italy
  • Mile-long outdoor swim
  • London 10k
  • come to Malta
  • go to a Tory party function
  • get married
  • start a niche dating website
  • learn to drive and pass my test
  • come to Seattle
  • do the cheese run
  • Go around London and only converse with people in Urdu and hand gestures for a day. Pretend you don't speak British.
  • Read half of 50 Shades of Grey (aka 25 shades of gray). And report back to us.
  • Cook something impossible. Preferably that incorporates molecular gastronomy.
  • Do you have a name-twin? If so, you should meet her. Apparently you do!
  • Try and tackle your old high school physics/maths homework and see if you can (still) do it.
  • Try and hunt down an elementary school teacher and say thanks! (Or screw you, depending...)
  • Recreate a fun childhood photograph.
  • Create a 25 point visitors guide to London with places that have some significance to you.
  • Bake 25 different cakes!
  • Read infinite jest, War and Peace, Ulysses and gravitys rainbow. Or just the entire animorphs series.
  • try playing one of the classic rpgs e.g. Earthbound, Final Fantasy, or Zelda all the way through.
  • You should be an honest to God Hipster for a few days and write an article about your experience
  • go spelunking
  • go bull riding
  • Start playing the saxophone again.
  • Introduce two people with the goal of, and succeeding at, starting a relationship (aka, play matchmaker)
  • Have an adventure with your brother 
  • Have an adventure with your parents
  • Re-read a favorite book from your childhood
  • Visit America
  • Remain cool in hot weather
  • Learn one awesome, but completely useless talent
  • Make 12 new friends (1 for every month)
  • Try 25 new foods.
  • Alphabet food (eat foods from countries or places in alphabetical order)
  • Make a piece of clothing
  • Join a choir
  • Enter a picture in the Summer Exhibition
  • Sample all the beers made in London

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